Best of both worlds. We have the most innovative tech platform in the industry that is easily integrated into your existing stack (Shopify, WooCommerce, ShipStation, etc) but we also have multiple fulfillment centers across the country and extremely strong rates with multiple shipping carriers. Means full data traceability, simple processes, and knowing where your orders are at every step of the journey.
Onboarding can be as quick as two weeks. Most of it is attributed to the time it takes to send inventory out to our facilities.
We keep pricing super simple. There is a flat technology fee for access to our platform, warehousing, fulfillment, and shipping costs. The price depends solely on order volume and complexity.
We begin all of our relationships by having an in-depth conversation about your logistics network and helping uncover your pain points. We will show you tons of value before committing to a partnership.
Yes! We can also do case and pallet picks.
We’ve helped some of the most successful brands grow. If DTC/E-commerce is a priority for you, we’re happy to work with you as you scale and grow your business.
A+ service and technology. We know what it takes to scale a perishable DTC brand and have solved for most of the fulfillment and logistics pain points.