Terms and Conditions

AllCustomer Service Order Forms of Grip Shipping, Inc. and its Affiliates (collectively “Grip”) are governed by the General Terms and the Service Terms “Terms and Conditions” unless: (i) Customer has a written master service agreement signed by Grip or its Affiliates (not a Grip Service Order Form), in which case such written master service agreement shall govern; (ii) as otherwise set forth in the Agreement; (iii) or mutually agreed upon in writing. 

Grip may from time to time change these Terms and Conditions. Any changes are effective immediately upon publication at https://www.Gripshipping.com/terms-and-conditions

General Terms


Grip’s General Terms apply to all Service Order Forms and all Service Terms.

Service Terms

The following Service Terms apply to the extent Customer utilizes those Services through Grip.

Warehouse Service Terms 


Parcel Services Terms


Software Services Terms